Floor Plans


The formula of luxury living along with a spacious living room, modular kitchen design and well-built room, gives you a feel of freshness and opulence. 
The Zirk - Tower A


Time to live your dream life with these well-ventilated rooms, a spacious living room and a modular kitchen to make new memories with your family. 

The Zirk - Tower B


Elevate your lifestyle and dive into luxury living with these exceptionally built flats offering a spacious living room, modular kitchen and indulgent bedrooms.
The Zirk - Tower C


The recipe for luxury living lies here with spacious living rooms, modular kitchen designs and indulgent bedrooms. 
The Zirk - Tower D

Site Plan

The Zirk - Site Plan

A curated site plan, planned with expert craftsmanship.

Location Map

Precisely chosen location for easy accessibility and luxury living.

Smart Features

Zirk offers ‘Smart Features,’ such as voice control, motion sensors, and touch panels, incorporating advanced technologies and automated functionalities to enhance comfort, convenience, efficiency, and connectivity within its premises.

Access and security control

This project has strong security measures to keep residents safe and protect their privacy.

Voice Control

Our projects include voice control features for convenient and hands-free operation.

Light Control

We offer light control features, allowing residents to adjust lighting according to their preferences and needs.

AC Temperature Control

Our project features AC temperature control, enabling residents to regulate room temperatures to their comfort.

Time based event control

We offer time-based event control, empowering residents to set schedules and automate tasks according to specific times, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Motion sensors

Our projects are equipped with motion sensors, ensuring enhanced security and energy efficiency by detecting movement and occupancy within the premises.

Touch panels and motion app

Our projects integrate touch panels and motion apps, providing intuitive control and seamless interaction for residents to manage various functions with ease and convenience.

The Zirk - Location Map