Luxury Living with 3 & 3+1 BHK Smart Homes in Zirakpur

September 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered what truly defines the epitome of luxury for homes? Is it the location, the amenities, the convenience, the view or anything else? How about when all these features converge in one place to give you the best experience EVER!!!

The Zirk is one of the best luxury residential projects in Zirakpur and forms the convergence point of these features and amenities. This luxurious property gives the feeling of a different realm of luxury because of the amenities it offers, which include:


In today’s fast-moving world where our attention spans constantly keep on jumping, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become one of the most important, which is why The Zirk has the facility of a world-class gym right in the society. You can now channel your energy to workout and stay healthy without the hassles of getting a gym membership.

Smart Homes

Integrating technology into homes helps bring a level of convenience to your luxurious lifestyle. These fine 3 and 3+1 BHK residential smart homes have features like voice control, light control, AC temperature control, presence and motion sensors and more, all of which you can control from the tips of your fingers.

Swimming Pool

Going for a swim helps in beating the heat and humidity and puts our body and mind at ease. You can be by the pool to refresh your mind, have a workout in the pool or even invite your friends and family over for a pool party. The pool offers a soothing time.

Spa and Sauna

It’s not just the swimming pool at The Zirk that brings you relaxation; we also have dedicated rooms for spa and sauna. This would be your perfect downtime, as spa treatments will make your stress disappear and the sauna will help you in relaxing, even give you time to meditate and provide an overall delightful experience.

Prime Location

This luxury real estate project in Zirakpur is located on High Ground Road. Due to its location, the facility gives you the advantage of a prime location, as the International Airport, a hospital, IT City, a mall, etc. are all within a short distance.

What Sets The Zirk Apart From Others?

While the facilities listed above are not exhaustive, but provide you with a sample of services that make these apartments worth living in, The Zirk itself has a few USPs that make it stand out in the burgeoning real estate market. These include:


These luxurious apartments in Zirakpur have an L-shaped design and are about 480 square feet in size. Having a balcony of this size allows you to enjoy the serenity that surrounds the apartments with every changing season.


The Zirk has a clubhouse that is about 15,000 square feet, which makes it the biggest clubhouse in the tricity. With only 193 residential apartments, this residential compound offers more area per apartment to its customers than any residential project in the tricity.

With so many features, amenities and USPs that have been brought together in this project for your comfort and giving facilities to make memorable experiences with an upgrade on your lifestyle, The Zirk is the perfect abode for you to have your space. So book your apartment in this prime property today, be surrounded in a serene and positive environment and live a life of convenient luxury.

The Zirk - Location Map